The reviews are in and diners throughout the San Antonio, TX area love Buffet City! We're your new go-to all you can eat Chinese Buffet. Just check out what some of our past customers have to say!

Brandon Morales | 5 Stars

Awesome interior design, tasty food and great service.

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Brian T. | 4 Stars

OK - I actually really enjoyed my dinner here at Buffet City. I was en route on a 1200 mile road trip and needed to take a break to grub while in San Antonio.

The buffet had a nice assortment of items, all were hot which was nice to find. The frog legs were tender, but could have used a some more pepper. The pepper beef very good and also tender. The dumplings were mediocre in flavor and probably wouldn't get those again. The spare ribs were overcooked but sauce was right. I remember the
steamed and buttered tilapia being popular, as it was in and out. The house special chicken was overcooked to being inedible.

The real star here though is the mongolian BBQ station. They have a lot of things right and only a few nitpicks on my side. Things that matter to me: bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, water chestnut slices, pineapples, mini corn, shrimp, and whole eggs. The noodles could be better but are far from the worst I've tried. They are a bit soft.

As far as sauces go - it's been a while since I've seen an actual assortment, which brings me joy to find.

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Ron C. | 4 Stars

This place is very worth the money. There is a nice selection, including the desserts. It's hard to go wrong with this buffet. Note: this is not a purely Chinese buffet.

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Leena G. | 5 Stars

We went there a few weeks after it opened and thought it was a keeper for us. Everything was fresh and lots to pick from . Loved the sushi, crab legs and peel and eat shrimp. The shrimp sauce was the real thing not that ketchup stuff most places give you. The service was great. I know we will be back. It's the best buffet we have had here so far.

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Christopher E. | 5 Stars

Outstanding! Had an opportunity to finally try out Buffet City. Loved the environment. People were obviously enjoying their food... lots of eating little talking! The service is superb, everyone was exceptionally polite and speedy. I was very impressed by their selection. Wide variety ranging from: BBQ, to seafood and the traditional chicken and beef mixes. I was most notably impressed that they make fresh sushi there. There was a plethora of sushi to choose from, hence my palate never became bored. You can even choose from a selection of uncooked meats, veggies etc.. and they will cook if fresh for you on the grill. The floors were kept very clean and the air was fresh. Definitely will come back!!!

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